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Unlock the power of MALOUM with our smart discovery feature, designed to connect you directly with fans looking for new favorites. Build your fanbase more efficiently and start turning interested followers into loyal, paying fans faster than ever before. Join MALOUM and get discovered today!

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PayPal & Klarna available

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Fans can choose from a variety of popular payment options including PayPal, credit cards, and Klarna / SOFORT for seamless transactions on our platform. This can instantly boost your earnings.

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We're here to support you in every aspect and are readily available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have. Count on us to be there whenever you need us!

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Discovery page

Use our discovery feature to get directly connected to fans looking exactly for your content.

Monthly subscription

Establish a steady income stream from your loyal fans by giving them access to your content through a monthly subscription.

Innovative media library

Easily organize your images and videos based on various criteria, making content management effortless.

Physical products

Connect with you fans like never before through selling physical products such as worn underwear, socks or stockings.

Refer & earn more

Refer other creators and receive 5% of all their earnings as a thank you of us.
Referred creators will of course still receive the normal payout of 80%.

Safe and anonymous

We ensure your complete anonymity, safeguarding your personal data from being shared with fans.

Success stories: what creators say

For me, MALOUM is more of a social media platform because you can see other creators and everything is much more personal internally. I love that I can not only share my videos here, but also sell real products - that's a game changer!


Thanks to MALOUM and the entire team behind it, I finally feel valued as an adult creator. The platform has given me a home that I can rely on at all times. I have arrived here and can develop to my full potential.


MALOUM has given me the features to build my community from 0. My loyal fans give me the freedom to develop every day, try new things and just do my thing.



For creators

What is MALOUM?

MALOUM is the fastest growing platform for adult content creator.  We are redefining industry standards by providing cutting-edge tools and resources to empower creators to reach their full potential.

How do I become a creator?

Becoming a creator on MALOUM is quick and easy - it takes less than 3 minutes to register. While you can view your creator account without verification, uploading content requires account verification. Don't worry, the verification process is fast, and we ensure that your data is encrypted and kept safe with us.

How can I earn money on MALOUM?

As a creator on MALOUM, you can earn money through fan subscriptions, tips, or by selling physical products from your shop. Fans who have a premium membership with you can view your uploaded content on their newsfeed and gain insights into your creator life. Through loyal fans, you can also earn money through tips, which are monetary gifts from your fans to you.

What kind of content can I post?

MALOUM is the platform for everything related to sexuality, special sexual preferences, kinks, and everything that goes with it. We believe in openness - however, consent and integrity are our top priorities.

For fans

Is MALOUM for free?

Yes, you can freely explore new content and discover creators that cater to your preferences on our platform. Some creators offer premium content, and by subscribing to your favorites, you won't miss out on any of it.

How does MALOUM work?

On MALOUM, you can not only explore and experience your kinks but also find creators and content that truly match your personal preferences. We offer both free and premium content. Additionally, you can interact with your favorite creators through personal messages, likes, and comments.

Can I be anonymous on MALOUM?

MALOUM always respects your privacy! We ensure that neither your personal data nor any information about payments or content access is disclosed. That's our promise to you!

What payment options are available on?

We offer the following payment options: PayPal, Credit card and Klarna / SOFORT.

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